Learn month by month the essential steps to the realization of your edible garden according to the principles of permaculture.


Registration for 12 months


Groups of max 12 people


You can join us every month!
The precise dates are indicated, depending on the location, on our page TRAINING


We can also organize training on demand.


September: Introduction to permaculture

October: Know and prepare your soil, composting techniques

November: Small fruit trees and orchards, pruning

December : Multiplication of perennials, forcing chicory, use and maintenance of tools in the edible garden

January : Carry out your edible garden plan, associations, crop rotations and ordering seeds

February: Know the needs of plants (water, nutrients) 1st sowing (peas, garlic, tomatoes,)

March: The awakening of the edible garden ; preparation of crop beds / containers, amendments, preventive disease control (liquid manure recipes)

April: THE big month for sowing, all the techniques, sowing needs, update on pest / weed management

May: Transplanting seedlings, flowering meadows, welcoming auxiliary insects, perennials and edible flowers

June: Take care of vegetables from the sun, protect the soil from hot weather, build structures for climbing vegetables,

July: Summer maintenance, sun protection, water management, use of anti-insect sails

August: Collect and store seeds, fall / winter vegetables, green manures


or +32 479 76 12 54


Training locations : Ixelles, Wavre, on request


Permaculture training 1 year