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- When it the best time to plant a tree?

 - 20 years ago.

- And the second best time?

- Today.

Chinese proverb

Do you own land?

And it’s not being farmed

You have available land and it’s being put to use? Back in the days, we used to have magnificent orchards that would feed us all year land. Nowadays, we buy fruits coming from faraway lands, that have been treated and stocked in fridge. With all the available space, we will recreate the orchards we so desperately need to rebalance our ecosystem.

Create your


Do you have unused lands or lawns? And you’re dreaming about delicious fruits from the garden… We’re experts when it comes to fruit trees and forest gardens. We’d be happy to help you, right away!

Entrust us
your land

Do you own land that it’s not being put to good use? Entrust it to us and we’ll make an orchard of it. It’ll be useful and good for biodiversity. We’re experts and full of ideas to make the most of your generosity.

Do you think this could be
useful to a friend?

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