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Our mission? Local, fresh, and healthy vegetables everywhere and for everyone.

If we planted vegetables everywhere, it’d completely transform the world… from a food, social, cultural, and even spiritual perspective! To put food first is key when it comes to taking ownership of your future. It starts with what people have, and what they miss.


"To grow a garden isn’t just about the vegetables. It’s about
marveling at the mystery of life!
" Pierre Rabhi

With Vestaculture’s research office, we start by analyzing the natural characteristics of your terrain. Its shape, structure and orientation. The climate and the winds. The existing vegetation and animals. Whether you’re in the city or slightly outside of it, we’ll keep in mind that the smaller the space, the better it needs to be worked. Together with you, we’ll come up with a design in line with your goals and dreams.

We’ll gladly give you a free quotation. But before making an appointment, give us as much information as possible on your dream vegetable garden. Pictures, maps, drawings, wishes… 

To increase the number of vegetables everywhere and for everyone, we need gardeners. Vestaculture gives you on-the-ground training in just one year, you become an expert!

Don’t worry if you can’t take care of your vegetable garden for a while. We’re here to help, so you can leave and have peace of mind.


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