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Creation of edible gardens for individuals - businesses - schools

Plant tomorrow today


Permaculture training and coaching

Whatever your level, Vestaculture offers you several formulas to
become self-sufficient in your edible garden.

All our training courses combine theory and practice and apply the principles of permaculture.
They are interactive ! You can ask questions related to your project and we will help you move forward.

Nouveau ! Coaching en famille tout au long de l'année 

coaching potager en famille.png

Chez vous, pour démarrer en famille un projet de jardin comestible !

Choisissez la durée du coaching

De 2H à plusieurs fois par an.

Tarif : 150€ pour 2H

Plus de 2H : tarif sur demande.

« Les activités au potager » sont un outil extraordinaire pour appréhender le monde du vivant, observer les changements au fil des saisons, découvrir les besoins des plantes, le rôle de l’eau, de la lumière, de la chaleur, les interactions entre les espèces vivantes, l'importance du sol vivant, d'une alimentation saine… Idéal pour l'apprentissage des enfants par l'expérience directe.  
On vous aide à transmettre savoirs et valeurs essentiels !

Possibilité aussi de faire une animation potager pour un groupe d'enfants.

L'inscription est possible à tout moment, via l'adresse e-mail

Training throughout the year in small groups

Learn month by month the essential knowledge and skills for a healthy and productive edible garden and small fruit trees, according to the principles of permaculture.

You will receive many tips to become independent and develop a holistic vision of an edible garden ecosystem.
Each month the courses follow the observations and seasonal work!

To complete this training we will advise you  readings and videos as well as our best addresses in Belgium.

Registration is possible at any time, for the semester or the year, via the e-mail address:

All our training courses are organized in compliance with COVID 19 health measures.


2 hours of lessons per month by one of our experienced market gardeners.

Registration for 6 months: 210 €

Registration for the year: 420 €

Training locations:

  • On the rooftop of Delhaize de Boondael

Av. Du bois de la Cambre 120, 1150 IXELLES

  • At the OFF MEETING

Ch. De Bruxelles 412, 1300 WAVRE

Details of monthly themes and training dates:

Coaching of the 4 seasons at home

Personalized coaching at home

4 times a year for 2 hours.


For a year, an experienced Vestaculture market gardener will come to your home to explain everything there is to do in your edible garden for the next 3 months and this in the principles of permaculture:

preparation of the soil, realization of the cultivation plan according to your tastes and personalized schedule of your actions.

You will receive our addresses, tips, ideas for reading, ...


After a year of coaching, your edible garden will hold no secrets for you! Happy, easy, healthy, good ...


Annual cycle: 620 euros

Registration via


Tailor-made coaching

Call us, tell us about your project and your expectations and together we will define your coaching agenda.


0479 76 12 54

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“Give food to a man, he’ll eat for a day,

Teach him to garden, he’ll eat for his entire life.”

Our Youtube videos

VESTACULTURE is also a Youtube channel on which we regularly post tutorial videos and where you can find all the video reports concerning our approach.
Visit our channel here:
  • YouTube
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