If feel the same as us and want to:

  • Live more harmoniously and more authentically with yourself, your colleagues and nature
    Play a useful, sensible role in preparing our world for tomorrow
    Get involved in livelier, more respectful environment 

Let permaculture play a part
in your organization

Watch before you act, work with nature and not against it, capture and optimize resources and energies, couple different skills, develop collective intelligence, work less to reap more, set up smart strategies… Human permaculture is a form of neuronal agriculture where we think about all of our actions and their impact.

We are here to help you conceptualize and bring to life your vegetable garden. Ultimately, it’ll also benefit your company’s vision. Vestaculture works with your employees and teaches them about permaculture while giving them the tools to concurrently grow your business.

A vegetable garden within your company has the potential to bring people together, to help them share and collaborate. To reconnect with nature and eat better. To find joy in simplicity and deepen relationships. In short: to create joy!

It’s a wonderful playground.

"You don’t shoot a flower to make it grow"

- African Proverb

A vegetable garden

within your company

Do you have some free space on your roof or on the ground? If you’d like to give that spot a meaning and make it useful…
we’d love to meet.

Teach your team
about permaculture

If you’d like to teach your team how to take care of a vegetable garden, we’re ready to work with you for an entire year – until you know everything about permaculture and can manage the garden yourself.


Human permaculture

A vegetable garden for your business is the perfect opportunity to also work on human permaculture. Just like plants, you need to work with the right combinations, increase your yield for less work…