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Creation of edible gardens for individuals - businesses - schools

Plant tomorrow today

Who are we ?

Vestaculture creates stunning vegetable gardens in line with permaculture’s principles. In town, in the countryside, on balconies, at windows… everywhere!

Our unique startup aims to:

  • Encourage people to start their own production

  • Work with people wanting to garden during their free time

  • Encourage waste recycling and composting

  • Spread awareness on food security

  • Encourage people to eat healthy and local

  • Promote solidarity within communities​

  • Educate future generations to plant their future

Plant tomorrow, together, today

Vestaculture is about more than edible gardens. It’s a philosophy, a cultural project. Something social and poetic… Creating gardens is an extraordinary journey filled with joys that leads to a thousand other activities… meeting with the neighbors, cooking, reading, teaching, the pleasure of eating your own products, sharing, returning to real values. Hence why…

The Vesta team 

Vestaculture gardens are designed, created and maintained by the team, according to the principles of permaculture. Gardeners at heart, Laurence et Antoine constantly learn from permaculture techniques in France and in Belgium to plant your tomorrow, today… with fruits and vegetables everywhere! 


Laurence de Vestel

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